Everyday Happy’s Fabric + Pet Freshener Review

everyday happy
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Everyday Happy's Fabric + Pet Freshener Review

EverydayHappy is excited to announce the launch of its all-natural Fabric + Pet Freshener!

Its gentle, non-toxic formula neutralizes allergens on contact and can be sprayed everywhere around the house — consider it your fast-track ticket to cleaner air. It’s even gentle enough to use on fabrics and, yes, pets.

Enjoy a refreshing burst of freesia as you eliminate mold, mildew, pet dander, dust mites and pollen, ensuring you and your family can breathe easy. High five!

everyday happy

I received their All-Glass Cleaner, All-Purpose Cleaner, Fabric + Pet Freshner and Power Sponge. I was pleasantly surprised by how fantastic these products worked!

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